Even before picking up his first camera as a young boy growing up in St. Joseph, Michigan, Graham Wilder looked at everything as though framing a photograph. For him, there was always a unique and interesting way to "see" things -- especially the beauty and variety in nature. As a result, even his earliest photos were striking in their originality of perspective and composition.

Though encouraged by friends to pursue a career in photography, after graduating from the University of Michigan, Graham's life took a more inward turn. For the next 29 years he lived a secluded life devoted to the practice of yoga and meditation, exploring realms of subtler beauty beyond the reach of physical sight.

Residing now in the small mountain town of Julian, California, Graham's passion for photography has once again come to the forefront. The result has been the birth of stunning images that capture a haunting beauty and tranquility that transcends nature's outward forms, conveying a uniquely wonderful and sometimes whimsical view of "reality."